Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert

Ryan Gellert Patagonia CEO

Ryan Gellert, the CEO of Patagonia, is a remarkable leader who embodies the values of this iconic outdoor clothing and gear company.

With a distinctive leadership style, impressive net worth, and an inspiring story, Gellert’s journey at Patagonia serves as an example of how a commitment to environmental sustainability can drive success in the business world. This article delves into the life and career of Ryan Gellert, highlighting his leadership approach, financial standing, and the path that brought him to the helm of one of the world’s most environmentally conscious corporations.

Leadership style

Ryan Gellert took over as CEO of Patagonia in early 2020, succeeding Rose Marcario. His leadership style is synonymous with the company’s core values, particularly its mission to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

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One of the hallmarks of Gellert’s leadership is his commitment to sustainability. Under his guidance, Patagonia has continued to prioritize environmental responsibility, committing a significant portion of its profits to support grassroots environmental organizations. This approach resonates with consumers who seek sustainable and ethical products, further strengthening Patagonia’s brand.

Gellert’s leadership is characterized by transparency and a genuine dedication to creating a positive impact. He often emphasizes the importance of businesses taking responsibility for their environmental and social footprint, setting an example for other corporations.

Net worth

While specific details about Ryan Gellert’s net worth are not widely disclosed, it is essential to recognize that his wealth is likely tied to his success and leadership at Patagonia. As CEO of a company that generates substantial revenue, Gellert’s compensation package and stock holdings may contribute significantly to his financial standing. It’s important to refer to reliable financial news sources for the most current information regarding his net worth.

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Inspiring story

Ryan Gellert’s journey to becoming CEO of Patagonia is a testament to his commitment to environmental sustainability and the outdoor lifestyle. Before joining Patagonia, he worked with Black Diamond Equipment and, later, held leadership roles at Burton Snowboards, where he gained valuable experience in the outdoor industry.

Gellert’s deep connection to the outdoors and passion for environmental conservation align seamlessly with Patagonia’s values. He is an avid adventurer, with experiences ranging from mountaineering to long-distance running, underscoring his personal commitment to the outdoor world. This genuine passion for the environment and the outdoor lifestyle makes him an authentic leader for Patagonia.

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Under his leadership, Patagonia has continued to make strides in sustainable product development, innovative business practices, and activism. The company’s commitment to repairing and reusing products, reducing its carbon footprint, and promoting fair labor practices has garnered global recognition.


Ryan Gellert’s leadership style, commitment to sustainability, and inspiring journey epitomize the ethos of Patagonia. His ability to lead a successful business while staying true to the company’s core values showcases the potential for corporations to be forces for positive change in addressing environmental and social issues.

As he continues to guide Patagonia toward its mission of environmental stewardship, Gellert serves as a beacon for other leaders and organizations striving to make a meaningful impact on the world.